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The Node.js alternative to JEE and Spring Boot

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Welcome to JEC Website

The Node.js alternative to JEE and Spring Boot

JavaScript Enterprise Container (JEC) is the standard in modern JavaScript enterprise software.


Annotation-based configuration makes projects more readable and flexible.

Super Fast

GlassCat servers start 20 times faster than Spring Boot applications.


JEC projects are totally independent from technical implementations.

Fully Testable

JEC ships with its own annotation-based unit testing frameworks.


The JEC Command Line Iinterface avoid developers to repeat tedious tasks.

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Get started

Get Started!

Let's see how to install GlassCat (the JEC reference implementation) and how to create RESTful microservices.

GlassCat Server Install

Create RESTful APIs

Install Intructions


All JEC projects needs the following system parameters in order to work correctly:

  • Node 6+
  • npm 3+
  • TypeScript 2+

Install JEC Command Line Interface

$ [sudo] npm install jec-cli -g

Install a new GlassCat Server

$ cd <path/to/your/server>
$ jec glasscat-install

Start the GlassCat Server

$ <path/to/your/server> glasscat start

JEC Documentation